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In the end of the past year the Moldavian businessman Oleg Voronin has given interview to the newspaper "Adevarul" about business and the power, about the politician, about the past and the future of Moldova. As interest to interview big, we have decided
In the end of the past year the Moldavian businessman Oleg Voronin has given interview to the newspaper "Adevarul" about business and the power, about the politician, about the past and the future of Moldova. As interest to interview big, we have decided to reprint it.
Adevarul: Mister Voronin what was to be engaged in business during board of communists, and now when over the country supervises ?
Oleg Voronin:Sprosite of any businessman who has not been connected in any way with the power then, now. And all to you will answer also as well as I: then it was possible to be engaged in business and to earn on it, and now it turns out to survive only.
Adevarul: What at you for business?
Oleg Voronin: In new conditions I am engaged in the same, than and earlier if only in the conditions of this mode it is possible to tell, that you are engaged in business. More likely, this survival - social, economic, organising, moral or civil. I, or am better to tell, we, together with my old friends own two firms, one is engaged in building, and another - transport. Also I am the chairman of commercial bank. To local measures we businessmen of an average level. Us and not to compare to the majority of the deputies representing the oligarchical power.
Adevarul: What do you mean? Oleg Voronin: On me, unlike some deputies , was not criminal cases abroad, and foreign courts did not make me answerable for various schemes, ostensibly, business. All these criminals at the power on which real affairs are got, are "respectable misters" who are engaged in the European integration. For all these laws which were accepted by these criminals, in any prison them would find mentally retarded. However, now, though and it is illegal, they represent a legislature of Moldova.
Adevarul: How the businessman, whether you enjoyed support from the power during board PKRM?
Oleg Voronin: I had such support, that I have been some times illegally excluded from the auctions organised by state structures, by "puppets" . Unique support consisted what not each employee of economic police presumed to press to itself on me. After the present oligarchs have seized power, it has appeared, that hearings that the son of the president - the oligarch - are strongly exaggerated as in Mark Twain's that joke. If I really owned so huge business it becomes not clear - why after so much years of mockeries from power structures of this illegal power there was nothing, what it would be possible to take away from me and what would represent interest for the present oligarchs?
Adevarul: it was much said that in days of presidency of your father you took away business...
Oleg Voronin: Well and why then the new power will not return all taken away to prospective present owners? Why from me have not taken away any enterprise, attributed to me evil tongues? And I will answer you why. Because I have not appropriated any another's business in spite of the fact that the presents spoke time and again about it, spreading dirty rumours. Now the presents have established occupational dictatorship in our country. Those who appropriated another's business, and have organised revolution in 2009 to avoid justice and to keep the stolen. And now, having received the power, they with the doubled force have rushed to select everything, that else remains at citizens and the state. To all it is clear, that the power has appeared in hands of smugglers and with the experience. This power belongs to them, instead of .Adevarul: Why you consider, what in 2009 there was a revolution? Oleg Voronin: Their unique purpose consisted in discharging of the power force which stirred own existence, the values, the policy, in particular in economic and social areas, impetuous anarchy of oligarchs. Revolution which has taken place in 2009 by means of external forces, oligarchs, and not invented, and real have made. Having dumped the power which prevented to steal it. Reform of system of justice, real, based on justice and the European standards, should be just realised. And it meant, that oligarchs could not bribe judges any more. That is why they have hastened to strike the blow, - that the legitimate authority could not put an end to their tyranny. Now these oligarchs have seized power also all it became obvious, that their policy is the policy directed against the nation, against economy, against a society, against the people. The present power is, actually, dictatorship of three - four oligarchical clans.
Adevarul: It is said that the authorities pursue you since 2010 and to this day?
Oleg Voronin: It is not necessary to reduce prosecutions exclusively to person Oleg Voronina. All Moldavian society within these three years of unlimited anarchy is exposed to prosecutions. Unless those whom have dismissed for refusal publicly to support the power, are not pursued? Unless teachers who have worked all life at schools which are closed now, remaining without work, are not victims of the same prosecutions? Unless the law is not exposed to terror while the power are wiped up by the Constitution? Here three years, every day, all replenishes the list in relation to our people. And any day of the respite, any day when it would be possible to tell, that "the Alliance for destruction of Moldova" as have fairly nicknamed it in the people though has for a short while stopped mockeries at the country. Every day - lawlessnesses, scandalous cynicism, pathological contempt for the people of this country. Personally I am proud of that fact, that the present power pursues me, is proves, as I, and we are an integral part of the Moldavian people. And the criminal power knows about it is and consequently pursues and hates both the people, and its main hope - .
Adevarul: When it is easier to be engaged in business, - when at you relatives in the power or when you operate independently?
Oleg Voronin: I always am engaged and am engaged in exclusively lawful business. Really, in days of me did not pursue, as it occurs now. Also the truth, that earlier I knew about various possibilities for business more, but it does not mean, that I could all of them .Adevarul: whether the Truth, what you were or are the richest person in the country? Oleg Voronin: I not poor, but it in comparison with simple citizens. But I simply poor, as well as any other citizen, and not only in comparison with Moldavian - known smugglers and , but also with their environment. Mass-media wrote week all that last summer one known democrat has translated abroad more than billion dollars. Why to you not to spend interview to the present oligarchs which you know, as well as all country and which we see every day in the news telling about those, "as well is in Moldova at democratic board"?
Adevarul: whether Connects you any business with the first vice-speaker of parliament Vlad Plahotnjukom?
Oleg Voronin: it is perfectly known at whom business with . With Igor Dodonom it is connected by business with fish and meat, also the pocket party of socialists here concerns. There are still affairs with "partners" in the Alliance which is simply meeting "" as in the Italian mafia. To my shame we are really familiar. I always am respectful to people and trust, yet I do not learn about their activity. It also has taken advantage of this trust. At whom all this business, which I, ostensibly, force till 2009? All it at . It all has tidied up it to the hands, in a manner peculiar to it and after that has dismissed hearings, that all it were made by me. In days of board of communists he hid, using mine and still some leaders trust. Now he does not abuse nobody's trust: it operates directly, on manners attacks.
Adevarul: whether the Truth, what you have quarrelled on the eve of elections of 2009?
Oleg Voronin: What reasons for quarrel between people who do not have anything the general can be? I never quarrelled with this person because at me was never with it of close relations or joint affairs.
Adevarul: you caused in , having accused in evasion from taxes. Than business has ended?
Oleg Voronin: Anything that also followed expect. Accusers knew, that everything, that to me is attributed, is quite transparent. They have organised a PR campaign against me, and is faster against . Naturally, illegal I did not make anything. It is simple persecutions, characteristic for this criminal .Adevarul: And still, what happens with a bank card? Oleg Voronin: I used three different banks: , and . These banks supervise all information on cards, together with the Anticorruption centre. Can guess, who from those who supervises the information connected with cards, can solve when, to whom and what to present:
Adevarul: When you have earned first million?
Oleg Voronin: If you mean my personal first million I yet have not earned it, but it and does not excite me. If you speak about incomes which bring two enterprises which part I own it has occurred per second half ninetieth. "I do not have other choice, except even if to it my father" would not supervise
Adevarul: After has passed in opposition you began to appear on the meetings organised by it. What has forced you to leave on street?
Oleg Voronin: Each citizen, besides the will, is put before a choice - to be for Moldova or for , together with Moldova or against it. I have chosen Moldova, our people, instead of its enemies. When I speak about Moldova, I do not mean . Opposition to this mode of hatred accepts different forms and - one of them, the most important and the strongest. Citizens who oppose to this mode, are in ready more a difficult situation, than and its supporters. How many respect teachers who resist to a mode, intended to close school cause! And there are also doctors, police, farmers, small businessmen, youth: whether Is in Moldova occupied by enemies though one person, except the Alliance and its servants which would not suffer from them and would not wish to get rid of this nightmare into which the country has plunged? Adevarul: on one of these meetings you left in a T-short with Che Guevara's image. What does it mean?
Oleg Voronin: In spite of the fact that this person was one of the most inconsistent in second half of XX-th century, now it associates with struggle against oligarchy, the occupational modes exploiting the people, drinking its blood, dooming on death. The image of Che Guevara urged to remind usurpers, that all of us see, all we understand also it not to hide from the law, from punishment.
Adevarul: What has forced you to enter party?
Oleg Voronin: I do not wish to stand aside while my native land kill, leading up it to a condition of a colony which hardly breathes, shipped in darkness of hopelessness which does not have future. I - a part of these people destroyed by a criminal mode. And I, as well as hundred thousand Moldavian citizens, do not see other force which could return to Moldova a life, hope, advantage, memory, well-being. And, besides, in what else party there is such strong and firm person as Vladimir Voronin? Even if it would not be my father, I would not have other choice - only . My people, my country are under the threat of destruction by several adventurers, unscrupulous . I should protect the people and the country and consequently I in . I do not have other choice.
Adevarul: What for to the businessman to be got involved in a policy?
Oleg Voronin: the Businessman also is the citizen. It has a family, friends, he lives in this country. I have come to a policy not as the businessman, and as the citizen, as the son of these people. " conducts the country in a precipice"
Adevarul: What will follow Sergey Syrbu's leaving from ?
Oleg Voronin: for All the illegal essence of the present antinational power is known. The parliamentary opposition calls things by their proper names, therefore on it press how never before. Not all maintain. Sergey - the good expert formed, but does not suffice it courage and political experience. He did not understand, that the finding in opposition in relation to the illegal power is the extremely difficult and is humanly heavy, painful. Here some also surrender, break with moral, and from the psychological point of view. Absence of character in the conditions of power anarchy is any more weakness, it is defect because of which friends suffer, companions. And to which enemies rejoice. Not only enemies of our party, together with enemies of the state and the people. I think, that soon Sergey will understand, that has not won anything, and has lost much, that it used in the dirty image. Later, when it will be typed experience, to it it will be even heavier. The broken cup not to stick together, it is possible to throw out splinters only. Or, if the person , then other conversation.
Adevarul: What chances of following elections, in conditions when its many leaders have left formation?
Oleg Voronin: As political analysts mark, and I do not mean a different sort of the "analysts" serving a ruling occupational mode in various mass-media, unique authentic party in Moldova is . The others are not beyond interests of group, debatable clubs, Open Company or simple executors of the orders going from capitals of not so remote countries. For three years of fruitless attempts to destroy for which the huge sums of money have been spent, methods of intimidation, blackmail in which all state structures are involved practically, and, first of all, power departments were used, - party Voronina remains the strongest formation for which the majority of Moldavians is ready to vote on following elections.
Adevarul: What do you think of other parties?
Oleg Voronin: After inevitable crash of a mode, from there will be no also a trace, also as well as from parties, in it consisting. One will reap what hell sow. where now landowners who were at the power in days of Luchinsky? One part has run up, and another tries to survive in shade , moving in the same direction - in a disappearance direction. It is possible to recognise elections only if they express will of the people. After has seized power by means of a deceit of scales which it is difficult even to present itself, Moldova has lost the mechanism of the organisation of free elections, and also body which would be to provide legality of process in a condition. This illegal alliance recognised time and again the Central selective commission and that fact, that it is supervised by one of parties AEI. And we speak about what "elections"? It is a farce. Interrogations with a constancy irritating usurpers show, that will type 60 % of voices of voters. But who will allow to organise the present elections? Those who serves the anticonstitutional power and breaks the law?
Adevarul: How you will comment on an interdiction of communistic symbolics?
Oleg Voronin: deeply is mistaken, thinking, that can provide to itself the power, having forbidden party symbols. Even if they will forbid or will arrest or other party leaders. The most important our symbol are ideas which to forbid much more difficult. Whether it is possible to forbid social justice or to take away from the people the right to the power? Let will try , whose ideas are reduced exclusively to contraband, corruption and to attacks! One is obvious - days of this mode are counted, and anything will not rescue it. Economic, social or political terror, a deceit, even external support which only prolongs its agony.
Adevarul: Mister Voronin, and still, what future of Moldova?
Oleg Voronin: Nobody could imagine to itself(himself), that the Alliance so will quickly lead Moldova to a razor-edge, to destruction. Even we, members and supporters , did not expect such when have conceded the power in 2009. Yes, Moldova has a future because Moldova is not equal and to its components. Moldova is the people, its thousand-year values, its belief, special feeling of justice, its humanity. Our country has a future until there are people who look at it under such corner. Moldova and two incompatible units represent. If after two - three years even you ask a question on the future of Moldova of what simple citizens think, after two years of such board? The answer is simple - or Moldova, or . Other choice is not present. I am assured, that these two systems are absolutely antagonistic, and the future is only at Moldova.
Adevarul: you heard jokes about yourselves?
Oleg Voronin: Heard a little. But that they mismatch a reality, I forget them at once. I know who invents and extends these nonsenses.

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