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Phones have revolutionized the photography industry, the funny thing though is that cameras haven’t gone out of market just yet; why you may wonder, well because there are certain angles and levels of clarity in photography that your smartphone camera can never achieve. For example, smartphone cameras cannot capture beautiful and clear pictures when the subject is on the move, or when you have to take the best shot under low light conditions.

Hello, my name is Philip Taylor and I work as a professional photographer, I have a certificate in photography that has enabled me to be quite versatile in this line of career. So, apart from capturing the best shots using the various shooting and lighting styles, I also double up as a television director and a photojournalist. Interestingly is that photography is an income-generating career that doesn’t necessarily require certification at least in a few states.

There are some states however, that will require one to have a photography license before they can carry out any photography projects in the city. The above is however a bit hard for the local authorities to regulate because of late we have cameras in almost all of our devices, be it the laptops, phones, the headbands, and even on our doors. The above mentioned devices don’t necessarily need a flashlight before they can capture the best sun-kissed photos.

However, if you are into commercial photography or want to capture the best moments as you go for your vacations, your phone or tablet camera won’t cut it. You will, therefore, need a camera that is up to the particular task, and to be honest, the specs on some of the cameras in the market can seem more like gobbledygook. At Photo.md we have consolidated and broken down the most relevant information as regards getting the best camera for a beginner.

We are well aware that the acronyms and jargon used to describe some of the features in the cameras can harass and confuse one to the point of picking just any camera that has a flashlight and can save photos in the memory. We have, therefore, consolidated some of the best cameras that will bring you up to speed and hone your photography skills, up until you can shift over to the expensive and bulky photography equipment.

Important to remember is that as you start out, getting the best quality image might not really be within your reach, the reason we have compiled comprehensive excerpts on beginner cameras to get you moving in the right direction.

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