Remove Background

Background removal is the process to remove background objects from images that are affecting the object of the image. There are many background removal tools available. There are a few that are free, and others that are paid. Photo MD is the most popular tool for removing background from images. Background Removal Background removal refers […]

Crop Image

Have you ever taken a photo that contained more than you intended? What are you going to do? Cropping an image can be a great way of removing unwanted elements. It also allows you to control the composition and give your image a unique perspective.’s image cutter allows you to choose the size of […]

Personal branding: How to create a social media profile picture

It is hard to deny the immense impact social media has had on our lives. Recent statistics from Kepios show that social media has a vice-like hold on our daily lives. This translates to more than 59% of the world’s population. Each second, 15 new users sign up for the service. Online presence is more […]