Personal branding: How to create a social media profile picture


It is hard to deny the immense impact social media has had on our lives. Recent statistics from Kepios show that social media has a vice-like hold on our daily lives. This translates to more than 59% of the world’s population. Each second, 15 new users sign up for the service.

Online presence is more important than ever as social media has taken the world by storm. Personal branding is crucial to new opportunities, connections, and so much more. will help you to build your personal brand. You can easily update your profile picture for professional or personal purposes with just one click.

Personal branding

One universally-acknowledged rule of social media is how first impressions matter the most. People only need to spend a few seconds to decide if the profile they are looking at is worth their time.

How can you keep them interested in such a brief time?

A stunning profile picture is the answer. Both for personal and professional use, a good profile picture is essential. Your target audience is key. Who do you want to appeal to when it comes to personal branding? How can you present your profile so that it is relevant to your target audience?

For professional settings, think of the companies you want to work for, and the jobs you are interested in. These elements can be incorporated into your profile photo. How do you grab the attention of a recruiter? It is important to show a little bit of yourself, as it will help you stand out from the rest.

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