How to update Nikon b500 firmware

Most electronic devices like smartphones and PCs come with an operating system to control their functionality. Cameras by default come with firmware that aids their functionality. However, this firmware needs updates regularly to keep up.

Nikon is one of the world’s leading camera manufacturers in terms of volume thanks to its high quality of cameras that it produces. The Nikon B500 is one such camera that performs at high levels to keep up with the demands, with the advancement of technology, like a mobile phone, the camera needs regular updates released Whenever they are released by the manufacturer.

Updating your camera’s firmware resolves existing issues like bugs, improves the gadget’s stability and overall performance, adds new support or enhances the existing features. It’s advisable to change your camera’s firmware if it can resolve any issue that you’re facing or can improve the functionalities. It’s also recommended that you always download the most recent version available on the download page.

Checking the camera’s firmware version

The first thing to do is to check your Nikon B500 firmware version and compare it to the one on Nikon’s official website to determine if you need an update or not. To check the version on your camera, turn on the Nikon B500 camera and then press the Menu button on it to view the menus. Next, next to the display menu icons, press the multi selector, highlight ‘Set up’ and press on OK to continue. On the next screen, you should see the firmware version. Take note of it and switch off the camera.

Updating the firmware

Before you begin the updating process, make sure that you backup your personal settings and data on the camera. This is for safety purposes in case after the upgrade, your camera runs into issues. ALso, charge the battery fully and when the installation process is underway, don’t use the camera’s buttons. The process is simple and requires downloading the files from the internet. To achieve this, have a Windows or Mac PC and a stable internet connection.

Open a web browser on your PC and copy and paste this link in the address bar to visit Nikon’s download center. On the next page, navigate to the search bar and type in ‘Coolpix B500’ and click the search button. On the results page, click on the ‘Firmware’ tab and under this tab, you will be able to see the latest firmware version. Click the ‘view download page’ link and select your PC’s operating system to continue with the download. At the end of the page, check the agreement checkbox and click on ‘Download’ to save the firmware file on your PC. On your PC, find the downloaded file and extract it to a different location on the PC. Format a memory card on the camera and using a card reader or slot, copy the extract folder to a memory card. Make sure that you copy the file to the root directory of the card to enable the camera recognize the new firmware. Insert the card into your camera and then switch it on. In the Set up menu, select ‘Firmware version’ and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update. Once the camera is done with the update, turn off the camera and remove the card. Switch it on and confirm that its firmware has been successfully updated to the latest version.


Firmware updates are vital as that’s what maintains the camera’s functionality. Keeping your Nikon B500 camera up-to-date is crucial and as you’ve seen above, is simple and straightforward. If you are unable to perform the upgrade on your own, or run into issues while doing the update, talk to a Nikon agent and they will assist you.


Can I downgrade my camera’s firmware version?

You can downgrade a camera’s firmware version if you wish to recover lost functionality if the currently installed firmware has issues or your camera’s performance has dropped after performing an upgrade. However, this might not always be possible.

Is it necessary that I update my camera’s firmware if it’s just working fine?

Yes, it is. An upgrade improves the camera’s overall performance even if the camera is all good.

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